Risk over Safety


I have 30 days to set my business venture on its feet to a point where I can get rolling. I have 30 days to organize and create a system where I’ll be able to work, parent and husband and still run this business. These 30 Days will prove if I’m about my dream — if I can really be a driving force. I feel I can do this; there isn’t a doubt in my mind. Well there are few doubts but I am excited about what this can bring. I am anxious, nervous, the whole 9. By doing this I’m leaving another opportunity on the table. A surer bet probably. The question I keep asking — if I always take the sure bet how will I ever grow? How will I ever have the courage to follow this dream. I passed on a gamble earlier this year that would have given me substantially more time than these 30 days.

I chose safety.

I have an almost 4 year old. I have a wife. I have benefits that are needed.

Safety it is. I regret that decision as it looks like it only delayed the inevitable.

Now I’m taking a risk not as large as the one prior but a risk nonetheless. Let’s see where these 30 days lead.

Bertram Moore