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Who is Bertram?

It’s funny writing bios for your own website. They come off a little self-indulgent. Am I right?

For the sake brevity, let’s just say I’ve always had a creative itch my whole life. I’m a writer, a photographer, a burgeoning cinematographer, and I draw a mean stick figure. I started taking pictures during the fall of 2001 while in college (I was actually in a dark room during 9/11 when the news broke). I was able to be apart of a creative team in Charleston, SC that created and published a magazine in which I was an editor and photographer. My photography has also been published in magazines and cover art for musicians.

The summer of 2018 I was lucky (it didn’t feel that way at the time but blessings come in weird forms) enough to catch pneumonia. This forced me to slow down and actually listen to that inner voice to create. Earlier in the year I wrote a first draft for a TV show I want to create. I decided to do something different by picking up the camera again. Once that happened, I never looked back.

Fashion photography is my passion because I’ve always liked clothing and admired how they fit people. I’m a sneakerhead with a decent collection so it only made sense that I would gravitate to this style.

Music is one of biggest influences to my images. Normally as I start my inspiration process there is usually a song that sparks the idea. Often I try to convey the feeling of that song into my images.

Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram (@bertram_moore) or Twitter (@bdotm)



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